uuuuhhh, so what if steven stayed with his dad and had his gem removed when he was considered by, pearl more than likely, to be large enough to sustain himself without the gem?……

but anyway, steven’s dying and stevegem no liky-


it’s-a him, da baby man

hay uh…. tumblr….. why’s the like button refreshing the dash instead of liking the post?

but anyway-

this is goob, i’ve been postin’ him on tumblr. and also i can’t help but chuckle at the thought that he’s only catching “-oob” or “-oop” and just goin’ with it excitedly like “yees! my name! that’s me!! aaaaa!!!<3<3<3

william and atlas doodles

i’m guessin’ no one’s check out my adoptables page, so i’m takin’ these two back and gonna use ’em to play d&d :V


what a gift, am i right?

design based on that one pearl reformation and wd. feel free to snatch cuz i wanna see more of her like this fjdkal

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and thus, once again, i fall into the cycle of the 7 stages of grief. yanking at my shackles over the littlest things such as my lack of potential, and forcing me to replay these thoughts in my mind, like a record skipping just at the end on loop, over and over…

…………………………. jk, i’ve been cleanin’ out my closet ‘n figurin’ some shit out about myself

idk if i should really go into it, but basically, mental/physical stimulation, pretty lights, and comfy spaces. (make of that what ya will :V)

really i’m just at another one of those points where it’s like “ight, i’ve drawn enough, time for other stuff”. ssssoooooo….. yeah…………

also have ya guys seen the new salad fingers-?

imma be honest, i get a lot of ideas for random shit

most of it dealin’ with art like

“dude, i could do a little raffle every month”, or “hay! here’s a set price and a pole for a group/community commission!”

i’m sure a lot would say those are great ideas, but for me, i just feel like they’ll never really work…

i come to this time ‘n time again, but i have no idea how to advertise myself. i don’t know what people think of me. i don’t know who my audience is. i don’t get enough input to really feel like i can market myself or my art successfully. and as someone who’s been kinda hyped up a lot of their life to make money or start a buisness, it’s kinda depressing.

i mean, even if i don’t start anything ever with my work, it’s fine ‘n doesn’t really matter, art’s always felt just kinda like a hobby rather than a job. it’s just something i do every now and then to get ideas out there ‘n shit, but just….

idk….. i’m tiered ‘n think i’m fallin’ off again…. imma take my meds :v

a bunch of art tumblr flagged from my old art blog.

some of it’s actual nsfw, so heads up :V

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i’m v tiered

also i haven’t really drawn in a while, so have this…. they’re all naked, ya can’t convince me otherwise

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